You Run This Town Foundation OC is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit public charity founded by passionate individuals who witness first-hand the challenges of underserved youth to find a clear and stable path to become empowered citizens.  You Run This Town Foundation OC delivers life-altering programs and mentorship to enable our most vulnerable youth to prepare for career success, encourage higher education achievement, and boost confidence to remain thriving, vibrant community members and become our future leaders.   


You Run This Town Foundation OC is committed to develop the next generation of leaders by providing enrichment programs to underserved youth, work-study internship, scholarships, and community partner engagement projects. 


EQUITY AND OPPORTUNITY – We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live to their full potential. We focus our programming on that which promotes inclusion for students with diverse identities, backgrounds and perspectives.

EMPATHY AND RESPECT – We strive to recognize and understand the perspectives, feelings, and lived experiences of others while treating people with kindness and dignity.

COLLABORATION AND PARTNERSHIP – We value lasting relationships between community partners who are deeply connected with underserved youth. We are committed to collaborating with one another to ensure that we unlock positive youth development and brighter futures.