Hannah Allsopp


University: Arizona State University

Degree: Bachelor of Science; Psychology- Pursuing masters in Marriage and Family therapy

Career: Behavioral therapist, working with kids with autism.

I chose to volunteer so that I could be a resource for the people in my community and help the students we work with feel comfortable and confident with their transition to college. I am excited to see how far the students take themselves with a lot of their own hard work and help from us. Fun fact: I love to collect disco balls

Kennedy Higgs

Event planning

University: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Degree: Hospitality and Tourism

Career: Finance Marketing

I love to get involved within my community and help to make a positive impact. YRTFF OC is the perfect organization to achieve both those goals. I’m so excited to help and get more involved with the foundation. Fun Fact: I took over a year in italian language classes in college.

Ragan Edwards


University: Indiana University (current student)

Degree: Bachelor of Science; Business and Professional Sales and Marketing.

Career: Intern sales repersenative for United HealthCare (Indianapolis). Pursuing career in medical sales

I chose to volunteer for YRTFF OC because I have been involved since the beginning and have seen the foundation progessively get larger, and making positve impacets on more and more students and the community in which they live. All of this made me want to give more of my time to such a meaningful foundation.

Rhett Woodward


University: University of California Santa Barbara

Degree: Bachelors of Science in Pyschological and Brain Sciences

Career: Currently pursuing in PsyD in Clinical Pyschology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

I chose to volunteer because I believed kids making this tough transition would benefit from hearing from the perspective of kids that went through it, and I wanted to make as much of a difference as I could. When I was their age I wish I had a few people talking me through the do’s and dont’s of early college life as it is often confusing and scary time. I hope to not just be a volunteer, but also a friend that these kids can count on and ask the difficult questions to. Fun fact: I live abroad in Spain for half a year in college.

Andrew Calcaterra


University: Ohio State

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration speciliazing in Finance.

Career: Teacher and Coach

I chose to volunteer with the hopes of making impact on the students lives and helping them to achieve their own personal goals. I also recgonize that there is so much to be grateful for in my own life, so engagin in community service is way to pay it forward. Fun Fact: I’m a triplet

Nathan Noya